Goals: Living a healthier lifestyle


Last week I told you about my obsession with the Biggest Loser and about the goals I have to live a healthier lifestyle.  I’m not necessarily exercising to lose weight but I’m doing it to live a healthier life.  Although I’m not the thinnest individual in my family my overall health is relatively good.  I’ve had physical exams done and my cholesterol levels and other test have came out very good.  We live a pretty straight edge lifestyle in regards to drinking, drugs, and smoking.  I’m telling you this because I wanted to put it out there that my decision to exercise doesn’t come from anything more than wanting to live healthier life which is something that I had never felt before.  It has been about a month now since the hubby and I began exercising 5 out of 7 days a week.  I haven’t lost any weight that would warrant a “WOW” however I have noticed that my softball skills have gotten better overall.  The best part is that I don’t get out of breath in my attempts to out run  my hubby.  So now that we feel like we have taken this lifestyle change seriously we have begun the second part of my goals which is to run a half marathon.  I first asked the hubby a year ago to run a half marathon with my and he turned me down so I asked one of my friends and he said yes.  Fast forward to a few days ago as I was signing up for it he said, “sign me up for it too.”  Can you can imagine my excitement as he uttered those words?  I was completely excited because he is my other half and with him by my side there is no doubt that I can do it.

The half marathon I wanted to do was the Disneyland half marathon but since we’re frugal we decided to go for the Long Beach half marathon.

Ready or not we have until October 17th to practice for our half marathon.  We’ve walked a few 5k’s before but nothing like this so we are really excited about challenging ourselves.  I’ll keep you posted on our progress as the time gets closer.  For those of you that are wondering I’ve lost 4 lbs which means that I’m losing a pound a week.

Have you ever run a race?  If you have do you have any pointers for us?

Update: We conquered the 1/2 marathon and signed up to do another one!

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