Life: Art+Online Shopping = Cute Stuff

Art, Life
One of my favorite wedding photographers, Max Wanger, has taken his passion for photography into a new direction.  About a week ago Max launched his new online shop where and uses this wedding photography to inspire t-shirts, prints, and postcards.  I swoon at the sight of his work and I’m sad that he wasn’t available to do our wedding.  You should really stop by and check his work out because he is only producing limited quantities of the shirts and for $35 (+ s&h) I think they are worth it.

Another noteworthy site you should check out is Poketo.  If you’re a fan of art and want to support upcoming artist you should check out the cute things they have on their site ranging from wallets, apparel, stationary, to homeware, etc.

Quantities are limited so check it out soon.  The wallets start off at $20 and shirts at $15.

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