Life: On blogging


Lately I’ve been racking my brain trying to figure out what to post about next and haven’t found an ounce of inspiration. Not only do I lack inspiration but I have begun to question who exactly I am writing for?  I began this blog as part of an application for weddingbee and that didn’t get me anywhere.  I never heard anything from them so I just assumed that I was rejected.  Sadly to say I began to model my blog around different ones which had a lot more followers than I did. I’m grateful for those that follow me but seriously does anyone actually read my blog?  The last giveaway that I had flopped.  So, I have decided to do things differently around here. I’ve decided that having more followers is not what’s important to me but being myself is.

So, what’s going to change around here?

Me of course.  I’m not going to try to please a specific audience as much as I’m going to try to write from my heart.  I think this will work  better than attempting to figure out what people want to read about.  If I lose some followers along the way so be it as long as I’m keeping it real.

Hi my name is Eleyn and I love to blog.      

One thought on “Life: On blogging

  1. Good for you, it should be from the heart! I read your blog, but am always so behind in my blog reading I comment on about 1 in 50 posts I read. :S Horrible I know, because we all love a comment!And I was rejected twice by weddingbee {once in the span of like a day!}, I'd love to know just how many of us bee-jects there actually are, hundreds I'd guess!

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