Toilet Paper + Bridal Shower = Lots of Fun

Bridal Shower, Wedding

Last weekend my MOH and my bridesmaids threw me the greatest shower. They had originally invited about 20 people but we ended up with half that amount. I couldn’t have asked for anything else our group was the perfect size. Everyone had a blast and their was so much laughter to go around. They coordinated the decorations and theme to complement the wedding.

Here are some pictures of the decorations they used.

These are some of the prizes they gave away. Isn’t it cute how everything is orange and blue. Aww they are so lovely.

I love how they incorporated our sweets theme and used it to decorate the table.

The food was lovely and everyone ate until they were full.

At the end we had cake and of coarse it tide everything together. Our wedding theme is “Love is Sweet” and I love how they wrote that in the cake. It was absolutely delicious.

As I opened the presents they saved the ribbons and bows and made me a bouquet. Here I am showing it off and my mommy is sitting next to me. Oh and check out the lovely his and hers Yogurtland t-shirts.

One of the games we played was design a bridal gown. This was the winning team.

This is the winning bride complete with a veil, head piece, necklace, bouquet, train, something borrowed, something new, and something blue.

Here is my MOH and I playing another game where they have to take enough toilet paper to guess my chest size. She passed toilet paper around and told them each to take enough but they were not told for what. This is when I realized what the toilet paper was for. LOL.

Overall I had a great time and we laughed beyond belief. My MOH, bridesmaids, and friends are amazing. My FMIL and my mommy had never attended a shower and they loved it. I would like to thank everyone for such a great shower. I had a blast and I couldn’t asked for anything more.

Did you have a bridal shower?

I am competely a berry kind of girl…

Bridal Shower, Sweets, Wedding

Aran Goyoaga from one of my favorite blogs Cannelle Vanille was featured in Project Wedding and I wanted to share with you these goodies that can be used as part of your bridal shower or wedding. These amazing desserts consist of Raspberries N’ Cream Macarons; Raspberry Meringue Kisses; and Raspberry and Yogurt Mousse Cakes.

{Photo Copyright by Aran Goyoaga}

To check out the recipes go here.

Let me know if you try the recipe and how it comes out. Are you baking for your bridal shower or wedding?

"Can you feel the love tonight…"

Bridal Shower, Wedding

I can definitely feel the love from my MOH and bridesmaids. They are so darn cute. They are throwing me a lovely shower next month and they are going to integrate a theme from my wedding, sweets. Oh boy and you know how much I love that. I just wanted to share with you my wonderful invites that were sent out last week.

Like I’ve said before my parents are very traditional and some of the things that are going to be happening surrounding the wedding are new to them. My FMIL asked my FI this weekend if the shower was going to have strippers because her sister didn’t want to attend if that was the case. He had to explain to her that the shower is actually different from the bachelorette party. I can’t wait until next month for the shower so that the females from my mom’s side and my FMIL can see what a bridal shower consist of.

Have you had to explain a Bridal Shower to someone who wasn’t familiar with it?