Life: Birthday Planning Pt.1

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When I was growing up my mom always made a big deal about my birthday and to this day I can tell you exactly how I spend each one.  I didn’t have elaborate parties but nonetheless she always seem to make them extra special.   Now that I have a child of my own I’m extremely giddy about planning her 1st birthday party.  If you follow me on Pinterest you have probably seen my Mickey & Minnie board.  It isn’t a big surprise to anyone that I would start with a Disney theme for my daughter’s 1st birthday because after all Walt Disney did say, “I only hope that we never lose sight of one thing – that it was all started by a mouse.”

Sweets and Life {Organizing a Party}

1.) Date

My little Buttercup’s birthday falls on a weekday so we decided to celebrate it on the following Saturday.

2.) Time

My mom was shocked when I told her the party was only going to be 3 hours long and I had to explain to her that it’s a kids party.  I think that 3 hours is more than enough time for a 1st birthday party.   I have given my Hubby instructions to make sure our little Buttercup takes her nap before her party.


Choosing Mickey and MInnie was a given but trying to decide on what colors to use was a little more work.  I can’t seem to find the traditional colors for Minnie so I’m going to have to DIY most of her things.  I’m going to stick with the classic red, white, black, and yellow as colors for the party.   Oh and you bet there will be a ton of polka dots everywhere.

4.) Guest list

Deciding on who to invite is always hard for me because I want to include everyone in our lives.  We’re inviting immediate family, close friends and a few of the Hubby’s co-workers.   I hope there’s a ton of kids because I’m planning a lot of surprises for them.

5.) Venue 

Since we don’t have a house to hold my daughter’s birthday at we had to look for a venue that would allow me to bring in lots of desserts and it had to be indoors.  We are lucky to live in Southern California because we have a lot to choose from too bad most of them cost an arm and a leg.

6.) Menu

I really hate going to a kids party where only “adult” food get’s served at.  We will be serving lots of kid friendly foods and I’m still trying to finalize what to serve the adults.

7.) Invitations

Another things that irritates me about parties nowadays is when parents send out invites through email or through a Facebook announcement.  For heaven sakes please do yourself a favor and go to the dollar store and pick some simple invitations.  I believe that if people are in a budget then they can hand them out themselves rather than sending them out. I’m going to be making my little Buttercup’s invitations because I love the process working with stationery.

8.) Decorations

I’m doing all the decorations myself with my new Cricut machine but if you have never been to a dollar store please find your nearest one.

9.) Games or Entertainment

Hopefully the weather cooperates with me and I’m able to setup carnival like games outside otherwise I’m going to have to have a backup plan.

10.) Fun! 

Once all the planning is done and it’s the day of the party I’m planning on enjoying every bit of it.  The reason I’m crazy about planning every last detail is because I’m less worried if anything goes wrong the day of the party.  I mean I can’t do anything about the weather or about who’s going to show up so I’m not going to stress out about those things.  I’m going to sit back and have fun.

Don’t worry in the next few months I’ll come back to this list and elaborate a tad on each item.

If you are planning a Mickey and Minnie in the future come back to check out my DIY projects and a mini giveaway I will be hosting early next year.

Life: Honeymoon Day 6

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After the fantastic day we had in Versailles I ended up waking up with a cold on our sixth day in Paris.  If I was at home I probably would have stayed in bed and rested but since we were in Paris I decided to have a fun filled day.  We first headed out to les Invalides to see Napoleon’s tomb before going to Disneyland Paris.  Our hotel was about a fifteen minutes walk away from les Invalides.

I can’t say I really enjoyed being here since the cold medicine I had purchased hadn’t kick in yet. The tomb was unbelievable and it fits what is said about Napoleon perfectly.  We used our Paris Museum Pass to get in.

The hubby is a huge history buff and since we finished looking at the tomb early on we decided to use our museum pass once more and went into the Musée de l’Armée.  We saw several war propaganda, weapons, uniforms, videos, and other articles from several wars.  I have a lot of photos so let me know if you guys are interested in some.

Once we were done at the museums we took the RER from Paris to Disneyland.  Please keep in mind that it costs a tad more than the regular train ticket to get to Disneyland and its about 45 minutes away.  The coolest thing that happened on the train was when a gentleman got on with an accordion and began playing traditional French songs.  It was simply amazing!

We were not sure if we wanted to visit Disneyland but we figured since we were already there we should check it out.  Who am I kidding? You know I love Disney so you bet I was going to go check out Disneyland while I was there.  A couple of my friends had visited Disneyland a week before us and they loved it.

I love the Disneyland Hotel in Paris. Doesn’t it look incredible? I wish the one we have here in California would look like the one over there.

Being the Disney geek that I am I couldn’t wait to go inside and see the castle.
I was so happy to see the castle but I was still sick with a cold so I made a stop at first aid to get some much needed medicine.  I don’t know what the lovely nurses gave me but I felt great and I was able to enjoy the rest of my visit in the park.  Can you tell I’m sick?
The best attraction by far was Space Mountain: Mission 2.  I can’t even begin to tell you how good that attraction is.
The park was so busy that we decided not to go into all the attractions. We chose specific ones that we love and focused on those.  We went on Pirates of the Caribbean and we thought the one at Disneyland is actually better. One of the attractions that surprised us on how much fun it was Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. Before we did Pirates we got a fast pass for Thunder Mountain.  It seemed like Thunder Mountain was much longer in Paris which turns out to be true but only by 30 seconds not the extra minutes we thought it was.  We LOVED the Paris version of this classic attraction.
After we finished with Thunder we headed to another one of our favorite Disneyland attractions, Indiana Jones et le Temple du Péril.  This is by far the only attraction that we thought was not worth the 90 minutes wait time. The attraction is a little over a minute long and is really cool but not worth the wait.  I guess we’re just used to the Disneyland version of it.
We went on our honeymoon in late September and although we were too early for Haunted Mansion to be dressed up for Halloween some of the decorations surrounding the castle were delightful.
Once we were finished going on some attractions we went to Gibson Girl Ice Cream Parlor and got ourselves some yummy treats.  I ordered a waffle with ice cream and the hubby once more decided to get a crepe.  By the time I took this photo he had already finished his crepe. 
I am glad we went because now we can cross another Disney park off our list.  Afterwards we decided that not to go into the Walt Disney Studio Park since I was still sick.  We ended our day with a little shopping at the Disney Village. 
…To be continued…

Halloween: Disney Inspired Costumes

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Since its a few days before Halloween I've decided to put my Honeymoon recaps on hold and dedicate a post to some Disney inspired costumes.  I don't have any children but if I did I'm sure they would wear some of these costumes.  When I was little my mom used to make all my costumes but since I don't have her awesome skills I'm probably going to be purchasing my future kids costumes unless I can convince her to make them.

Lets begin this list with one of my favorite attractions at Disneyland, which is Peter Pan.  This costume likes pretty cool and it hasn't really been played out. 

Peter Pan

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Baking Inspiration: Disney/Pixar Toy Story Cakes

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The hubby and I were watching The Pixar Story on Netflix the other night and I began to thinker with the idea of making another Pixar inspired cake like the one I did here.  One of my favorite movies from the Disney/Pixar collaboration is Toy Story. Just in case you were wondering I love all of three movies equally.  I don't have plans on making a cake any time soon since its so hot right now but how cool would it be to make one for a little boy or girl.

Here's the list I came up with so far…

Please click {Source} to see where they originally came from!


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D23: I must confess I’m a total Disney geek…

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…well let me rephrase, as my mom would discribes it I have a love affair with “the” Mouse.   I’m not exactly sure when I began to love Disney so much but somewhere along the line it happened.  I bet what you’re thinking now this girl must be one of those annual pass holders that goes into the park and spends all her day pin trading or an all around Disney freak but I’m far from that.

What I am is a Disney fan who used to be a cast member that devoted almost 10 years of her life to the Mouse (I quit to focus on my education).  I visit Disneyland about twice a year, I’ve been to Disney World once in 2006, and I’m planning on visiting Disneyland Paris next month since I’ll be in Europe.  My apartment is not decorated with Disney stuff and the only clothing I have that has a Disney logo on it are my old Disney VoluntEARS t-shirts.  As a matter of fact unless I tell people directly about my love for the Mouse they don’t have a clue.  Maybe later on I’ll share with you some of the magic that I got to create when I worked there.  Yes, you heard me right MAGIC!

So, why exactly am I telling you this?  I’m doing it because I want to be more transparent and because I wanted to share with you some photos of our visit to the D23 expo.

The hubby surprised me back in April with tickets to the event and you bet I was extremely excited.  We only got tickets for one day and after being there all day I realized why people get the weekend ones.  It really was so much fun even for non Disney fans.  There was a lot of painting, exhibits, and things to do.

Isn’t Tow Mater adorable? He’s so darn cute I couldn’t help but take a picture of him.

This was very creative.  I wonder if he’s going to be walking around with Jack on Halloween. 
How cool would it be to go on a Cruise on board the new Disney Fantasy?  I’m hoping to convince the hubby to take me on one sometime soon. 
They had a section of the expo dedicated to Disney parties and cakes.  The cakes they had came from their officially licensed partner  
Isn’t this Mickey and Minnie cake adorable?
I love this Woody and Buzz cake. 
If you would like to see more of my photos from the D23 expo please visit me at Flickr!
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My attempt at a Disney/Pixar Car’s Cake

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Without further ado here is my first attempt at a themed cake.  I am really pleased with how it turned out and more importantly the birthday boy loved it.  I completely forgot to take a better photo of the cake once it was assembled since I was rushing to make cupcakes right before we left.  Next time I'll take the time to put more effort into my photos. 

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Baking Inspiration: Disney/Pixar Car Cakes

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My friend recently asked me if I would make her son's 3rd birthday cake.  So, what do you think I replied? I sure would! She told me that they invited 100 people and that their theme was Disney/Pixar Cars.  Another thing she mentioned is that she would like a chocolate and Vanilla Cake.  With all this in mind my task this week is to create a fantastic cake that will get the approval of a bunch of 3 year olds.  Tonight I'm going to re watch the movie with my hubby and try to find inspiration from other sites.

Here is what I've found so far:

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