DIY: Mickey and Minnie Mouse Gumball Machines

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Sweets and Life: DIY MIckey & Minnie Gumball Machines

Update: Thanks for stopping by and checking out out the centerpieces I made for my daughter’s 1st birthday! 

One of the cutest projects I did for my daughter’s 1st birthday party was the Mickey & Minnie Gumball Machines.  I received so many compliments from this project and it was pretty easy to make.  I followed Damaris’ directions on how to make these colorful centerpieces and they turned out super cute.  For complete directions on how to make these please go HERE.  Please enjoy the photos I took of the process.

DIY: Mickey & Minnie Gumball Machines

Sweets and Life: DIY MIckey & Minnie Gumball Machines

Sweets and Life: DIY MIckey & Minnie Gumball MachinesSweets and Life: DIY MIckey & Minnie Gumball Machines



I filled the gumball machines with candy from the Dollar Tree.

This project is easy but be aware that it requires a lot of time to dry.

Be prepared to get glitter everywhere!

White buttons- Michael’s.

Door Knobs for lids- Ikea.

Minnie Bow- Fabric Barn.

Fish bowls- The Dollar Tree 

The remaining supplies – Moskatels

Here’s a few answers to the questions I have been asked:

  • I used Mod Podge to seal the paint.
  • The bowls are 6 inches you know the kind you can find at any dollar store.
  • I’m not sure how much I spent on the materials but most of the supplies can now be fond at any dollar store.
  • I glued the bowls to the pot with E6000 glue.

Feel free to ask me any questions. I will add the answers on here. Thank you once again for stopping by.

Life: Taliesin, the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture

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Last month I was fortunate enough to finally be able to cross number 90 off my Day Zero Project. The Hubby, my little Buttercup and I got a private tour of Taliesin West, the Frank Lloyd Wright’s, School of Architecture.  I’ve been wanting to go to Taliesin West since my cousin began attending school there. I was upset that I was unable to attend his graduation because I was too far along with my pregnancy.  We had a few other opportunities to go to events there but due to different circumstances we didn’t go.  The stars finally aligned and my cousin was able to give us a private tour of his alma mater.  I didn’t know much about Frank Lloyd Wright before my cousin started attending the school there but now I’m fascinated by him.  If you have ever been remotely interested in Frank Lloyd Wright and find yourself near Scottsdale, Arizona I suggest you take a tour.  They offer different types of tours depending on what you want to see and learn.  The shelter’s the students use as dorms are extremely fascinating and so is the walk into the desert.  I can’t believe that students actually get used to sleeping out there.  One day I hope to visit Taliesin Wisconsin where they spend the second half of their year at.  Until you are able to attend a tour for yourself please enjoy some of the photos I took while we were on tour.



Sweets and Life: Taliesin West Tour

Sweets and Life: Taliesin West Tour

Sweets and Life: Taliesin West Tour

Sweets and Life: Taliesin West Tour

Sweets and Life: Taliesin West Tour

Sweets and Life: Taliesin West Tour

Sweets and Life: Taliesin West Tour

Sweets and Life: Taliesin West Tour

Sweets and Life: Taliesin West Tour

Sweets and Life: Taliesin West Tour

Sweets and Life: Taliesin West Tour

Sweets and Life: Taliesin West Tour

Sweets and Life: Taliesin West Tour

Sweets and Life: Taliesin West Tour

Sweets and Life: Taliesin West TourThis is the studio where the students spend most of their time at.

Sweets and Life: Taliesin West TourThese are the “dorms” the students actually use. My cousin confessed to us that the first week of school he actually slept in his car.

Sweets and Life: Taliesin West Tour

Sweets and Life: Taliesin West Tour

Sweets and Life: Taliesin West Tour

Sweets and Life: Taliesin West Tour

Sweets and Life: Taliesin West Tour

The school itself is beautiful and the students are amazing.  The are a small amount of students that are accepted into this school every year that get to experience something that they would not be able to do so on other campus. Unfortunately this school might lose its accreditation and it might not be around for future architects to enjoy. Please take the time to watch this video and help SAVE TALIESIN. My cousin’s friend, Pablo created it in an effort to inform the public of what’s actually going on there in regards to their accreditation.

If you want to help out by donating to this cause please click HERE!

Revisiting my Day Zero Project

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Remember back in 2011 when I posted this well I haven’t forgotten about the project although it might seem like I have.  My end date is fast approaching and I’ve decided that I’m dedicating the rest of the year to finishing off what I have on my list. I jumped on the Day Zero Projects bandwagon when a lot of the bloggers I followed began posting about it.  I’m a differently person from when I started this project and I feel like I should be allowed to alter it a tad to fit my current lifestyle.  Instead of finishing off my list in 1001 days I’m going to give myself until the end of the year to do as much as I can.  This project is now going to be 1174 days not 1001.

for others

1. Donate Blood (1/6)

2. Get Involved with Habitat for Humanity ( on going through the Advocacy Action Center)

3. Make Crème brûlée for my cousin.

4. Volunteer at the Rescue Mission (1/18) (on going donations)

5. Bake something to give to someone (5/8)

6. Advocate for an organization (3/12)

7. Donate to a charity (ongoing Kiva)

8.  Take a photo of my little Buttercup in my wedding dress and donate it afterwards

9. Donate things we don’t use or need around the house (ongoing becoming a minimalist)

10. Recycle everything we possible can (ongoing)

for myself

11. Get an awesome job that I love (in the works)

12. Try escargot (accomplished thanks to my cousin)

13. No social media for a month (accomplished July ’12)

14. Get a facial (accomplish June ’14)

15. Learn French

16. Get 3 massages (accomplished June ’14)

17. Not watch TV for 30 days (accomplished early 2013)

18. Learn conversational Mandarin

19. Wear a 2 piece bathing suit at the beach (shooting for next year 2015)

20. Learn conversational Italian

for health.jpg.

21. Start Couch to 5k

22. Only eat out 2 meals a week for 2 months (ongoing)

23. Go to bed before midnight for 2 months (still working on this one)

24. Run Disney half marathon (accomplished 1/29/12)

25. Run a 5k (accomplished January ’12)

26. Run a colorful 5k

27. Go walking everyday with my mom for a month

28. Give up fried food for 2 months (doing the Mediterranean diet with the Hubby)

29. Give up dessert for 3 months

30. Lose 50 pounds (accomplished but gained it back after the baby) (trying it again)

31. Give up dairy for a month

family friends and love32. Get pregnant (accomplished Jan ’13)

33. Signup my little Buttercup for a class (accomplished June ’13)

34. Visit my parents every month for year (accomplished March ’14)

35. Work on genealogy tree for our family (ongoing)

36.  Transfer family movies to dvds (accomplished summer ’13)

37. Go on an overnight trip with the Hubby

38. Have 5 date nights with the Hubby

39. Scan all old family photos on computer (ongoing)

40. Teach my little godson how to make Chocolate Chip Cookies (5/28/12)

learn creative blog41. Learn Lightroom

42. Learn HTML

43. Learn XHTML

44. Learn Java

45. Learn Excel

46. Learn all the functions in my DSLR (ongoing)

47. Enter a photo competition

48. Enter a baking competition

49. Complete a 365 project (ongoing will be finished at the end of the year)

50. Make our wedding album

51. Re-decorate our apartment (accomplished 3/24/12)

52. Learn how to use my mac (learning something new everyday)

53. Blog at least once a week for the 3 months (Beginning 09/15/14)

54. Bake colorful macarons

55. Bake 20 recipes from a cookbook

56. Make a photo book of the Hubby and I

57. Get CPR certified (accomplished 4/11/15 Adult & Pediatrics CPR/AED/First AID )

58. Grow an indoor herb garden (accomplished 3/24/12)

59. Carve a cool Halloween pumpkin (accomplished 10/31/11)

60. Learn how to make tamales (I will be relearning this holiday season)

61. Organize all our photos (ongoing)

62. Redo the chair I found in the alley (ongoing)

63. Repaint our dresser

64. Decorate a cake with fondant (I tried but failed Jan ’14)

65. Decorate a cake with royal icing

entertainment66. Visit the Eiffel Tower in Paris (accomplished 9/23/11)

67.Go to Kansas with my mom (accomplished 11/01/11)

68. Visit the Grand Canyon (accomplished 08/23/14)

69. Take my little Buttercup to Mexico (accomplished 07/16/14)

70. Visit New York, NY

71. Go to Yosemite

72. Go to San Francisco

73. Go to Sequoia

74. Take a family trip to Las Vegas

75. Go to a concert

76. Go on vacation with a group of friends (accomplished 08/22/14)

77.  Go on a cruise with the Hubby (accomplished a mini cruise while in Maui March ’12)

78. Visit Chihuahua, Mexico (upcoming trip July ’14)

79. Visit another continent

80. Go kayaking

81. Go on a road trip with the Hubby and our little Buttercup (accomplished August 2014)

82. Go snorkeling (accomplished 3/29/12)

83. Build a snowman (accomplished January ’15)

84. Go horseback riding (accomplished 3/30/12)

85. Visit a Lake (accomplished June 2014)

86. Buy another lens

87. Go to Monterey Aquarium

88. Go hiking at Point Lobos

89. Visit Big Sur

90. Visit Taliesin West (accomplished 08-29-14)

91. Visit my cousin in Arizona (accomplished August 2014)

92. Visit Yellowstone

business and money.jpg.

93. Open an Etsy Shop

94. Save up for closing cost for a house (March ’14 to March ’15)

95. Set up my own photography website (in progress)

96. Write out our living will (the Hubby is working on this one)

97. List 10 thing on Etsy Shop

98. Sell a photograph

99. Get sponsors for my blog

100. Get my own domain name (accomplished thanks to the Hubby)

101. Write code for my own blog

Our little Buttercup’s cute owl nursery

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When we first were deciding on a theme we wanted to do something gender neutral but at the end we went with a cute girly theme. One day while we where at Babies R Us the Hubby saw the cute owl bedding and fell in love with it.  Since I originally wanted to do a Toy Story theme it took a little more convincing for me but after I found out my grandma loved owls I was sold on the idea.  The nursery is one of my favorite places to sit and relax.  I hope you enjoy our little Buttercup’s room as much as we do.

Cute Owl Nursery - Sweets and Life

Cute Owl Nursery - Sweets and Life

Cute Owl Nursery - Sweets and Life

Cute Owl Nursery - Sweets and Life

Cute Owl Nursery - Sweets and LIfe

Cute Owl Nursery- Sweets and Life

Cute Owl Nursery - Sweets and Life

Cute Owl Nursery - Sweets and Life

The details

Chair and foot stool- Ikea Poang

Owl decal – Amazon

Owl lamp – Amazon (baby shower gift)

Owl Crib Bedding – Amazon (we got ours from Babies R Us but they don’t sell it anymore)

Giraffe – Disney Store (Lion King Collection)

Books – Yard sales, gifts, Burlington Coat Factory, and Target

Crib – Graco Charleston

Mattress – Target

Dresser – Ikea Hemnes

Hampers – Ikea Filur Bin

Blackout Curtains – Target (At first we had white ones but the green ones made the room darker for nap time.)

I’m so happy to finally be able to share my little Buttercup’s nursery with you. I hope you all like it as much as I do. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.

DIY: Mickey Mouse Cutlery

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Now that the party is finally over I’m ready to post some of the DIY projects I did for my little Buttercup’s birthday.  This is one of the first DIY projects I tackled.  I was inspired by this photo  from Catch My Party.

{Sweets and Life} DIY: Mickey Mouse Cutlery

Supplies Needed:

  1. Cutlery (Knives, forks, and spoons) -> I got these from the Dollar Tree
  2. Napkins -> I used red and yellow ones from the Dollar Tree
  3. Strips of decorative card-stock or ribbon -> I bought the polka dot paper at Michaels when it went on sale
  4. Mickey hands or face -> I used a Cricut Expressions and the Mickey & Friends cartridge to create these
  5. Glue tape or something sticky

(Sweets and Life) DIY: Mickey Mouse Cutlery

If you have a Cricut it’s very easy to make but if you don’t just do a simple Google search and you’ll come across a ton of different templates.

{Sweets and Life} DIY: Mickey Mouse Cutlery

Once you have your supplies you can begin to put everything together.  Place your cutlery one on top of each other. I put the knife on the bottom followed by the fork and the spoon.  Roll the napkin on top of the cutlery and lay it flat.

{Sweets and Life} DIY: Mickey Mouse Cutlery
Take your decorative card stock or ribbon and wrap it around the napkin.  I put a strip of glue tape on the very end to hold it together.   I used the same type of glue to put the Mickey Mouse glove on the polka dot paper.  Now there you have it all completed.  I did about 100 settings with different types of napkin and cutler combinations.  You can use this same method with ribbon and using your glue gun to hold it together.  I’ve always thought that it was the little things that make parties memorable.

Life: A Hello Kitty Birthday Party

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Last weekend we celebrated our little goddaughter’s 7th birthday.  She had never had a party and we couldn’t be happier to be able to do it for her.  We decided early on to make it a surprise party and we didn’t tell anyone in the Hubby’s side of the family.  We were hoping to have a beautiful sunny Southern California day but unfortunately it was extremely cold.  It was so cold I had to bring out blankets for everyone to use.  I know that if my family from Kansas is reading this they will laugh at us but give me a break 50 °F is cold to us.   If you follow me on Twitter or on Instagram you know that I got a cold the day after Thanksgiving.  I wasn’t planning on getting sick and as a result I didn’t have time to finish up some projects I had planned to do.  Without further ado here’s the small party we had for our little goddaughter.

Hello Kitty Tables

Hello Kitty Water

Hello Kitty Marshmallows

Hello Kitty Banana Pudding

Hello Kitty Cake

Hello Kitty Cake Pops

Hello Kitty Dessert Table

Hello Kitty Pinata

Birthday banner: Party City.

Hello Kitty hats: I added the Hello Kitty faces to hats from Target using my friend’s Cricut cartridge.

Hello Kitty water: I got the idea from here.

Hello Kitty cotton candy: I bought it at the 99 cent only store.

Hello Kitty marshmallows: I bought them at Daiso Japan.

Banana pudding recipe: Here

Cake and candle: Ralphs

Hello Kitty cake pops: Bakerella

Hello Kitty Piñata: Our local hispanic water store

I hope you enjoyed the little party we threw for our sweet goddaughter. It was a lot of work but it was well worth it. One thing I learned during this party was that if I’m hosting I don’t have time to take pictures.


Life: Birthday Planning Pt.1

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When I was growing up my mom always made a big deal about my birthday and to this day I can tell you exactly how I spend each one.  I didn’t have elaborate parties but nonetheless she always seem to make them extra special.   Now that I have a child of my own I’m extremely giddy about planning her 1st birthday party.  If you follow me on Pinterest you have probably seen my Mickey & Minnie board.  It isn’t a big surprise to anyone that I would start with a Disney theme for my daughter’s 1st birthday because after all Walt Disney did say, “I only hope that we never lose sight of one thing – that it was all started by a mouse.”

Sweets and Life {Organizing a Party}

1.) Date

My little Buttercup’s birthday falls on a weekday so we decided to celebrate it on the following Saturday.

2.) Time

My mom was shocked when I told her the party was only going to be 3 hours long and I had to explain to her that it’s a kids party.  I think that 3 hours is more than enough time for a 1st birthday party.   I have given my Hubby instructions to make sure our little Buttercup takes her nap before her party.


Choosing Mickey and MInnie was a given but trying to decide on what colors to use was a little more work.  I can’t seem to find the traditional colors for Minnie so I’m going to have to DIY most of her things.  I’m going to stick with the classic red, white, black, and yellow as colors for the party.   Oh and you bet there will be a ton of polka dots everywhere.

4.) Guest list

Deciding on who to invite is always hard for me because I want to include everyone in our lives.  We’re inviting immediate family, close friends and a few of the Hubby’s co-workers.   I hope there’s a ton of kids because I’m planning a lot of surprises for them.

5.) Venue 

Since we don’t have a house to hold my daughter’s birthday at we had to look for a venue that would allow me to bring in lots of desserts and it had to be indoors.  We are lucky to live in Southern California because we have a lot to choose from too bad most of them cost an arm and a leg.

6.) Menu

I really hate going to a kids party where only “adult” food get’s served at.  We will be serving lots of kid friendly foods and I’m still trying to finalize what to serve the adults.

7.) Invitations

Another things that irritates me about parties nowadays is when parents send out invites through email or through a Facebook announcement.  For heaven sakes please do yourself a favor and go to the dollar store and pick some simple invitations.  I believe that if people are in a budget then they can hand them out themselves rather than sending them out. I’m going to be making my little Buttercup’s invitations because I love the process working with stationery.

8.) Decorations

I’m doing all the decorations myself with my new Cricut machine but if you have never been to a dollar store please find your nearest one.

9.) Games or Entertainment

Hopefully the weather cooperates with me and I’m able to setup carnival like games outside otherwise I’m going to have to have a backup plan.

10.) Fun! 

Once all the planning is done and it’s the day of the party I’m planning on enjoying every bit of it.  The reason I’m crazy about planning every last detail is because I’m less worried if anything goes wrong the day of the party.  I mean I can’t do anything about the weather or about who’s going to show up so I’m not going to stress out about those things.  I’m going to sit back and have fun.

Don’t worry in the next few months I’ll come back to this list and elaborate a tad on each item.

If you are planning a Mickey and Minnie in the future come back to check out my DIY projects and a mini giveaway I will be hosting early next year.

Life: My little Buttercup’s birth story (Part 2)

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The Wednesday my little Buttercup was born…

Midnight: Since I had insomnia I began timing my contractions with an app I downloaded the previous day.

2:00 am:  My contractions began to get more frequent but nothing that I couldn’t handle, besides all the classes I had taken had prepared me for this moment. I was following the 4-1-1 method in which you don’t go to the hospital until your contractions are 4 minutes apart, with 1 minute duration, and you have been having them for an hour.  Long before I started feeling the contractions I decided that I was going to stay home as long as possible because I didn’t want to be one of those women that went into the hospital with false labor.  The Hubby and my mom were fast asleep and had no idea I was timing my contractions.

4:30 am: Although I wanted to let the hubby sleep as much as possible I asked him to call the hospital and ask if I could go in.  I was having contractions about 5 minutes apart and I wanted to make sure the hospital knew that I would probably be coming in later that day.  The hospital told me to wait it out another couple of hours.

6:30 am: I asked the Hubby to call the hospital again.  This time they told me to wait another hour.  I began to feel some pressure but nothing I couldn’t handle with a nice hot shower. I have to give credit to the countless classes we took beforehand because they really prepared me for all the contractions.  I knew exactly what I needed to do to relax and to tell you the truth the contractions weren’t too crazy.  At this point my contractions were averaging 4 minutes apart.

8:30 am: I told the Hubby to call the hospital and tell them I was on my way.  They asked me to wait it out longer but I got on the phone and explained to the lady that I was feeling a lot of pressure not pain. I knew it was time to go when the Hubby handed me a bowl of oatmeal and my hands began shaking. Off to the hospital we went!  I always thought going into labor was going to be this grandiose production but it wasn’t.  We already had everything packed in the car and I just simply walked down stair.  The Hubby did not speed like they do in the movies but instead he drove the speed-limit and attempted to tell me some lame jokes.  I’m not a mean wife but at this point in time I thought everything coming out of both him and my mom was lame. All I really wanted was some quiet time in the car before my grand performance.  Contractions were about 3 minutes apart at this point.

9:30 am: We got to the hospital about an hour later. No we don’t live an hour away but it took me a while to walk to the hospital triage.  I refused a wheelchair because I was feeling too much pressure. My mom stayed in the waiting room while we finished checking in. I remember very vividly answering the receptionist questions and signing my life away before they would allow me to go back into the triage. I was standing up leaning my head against the wall concentrating on the pain and breathing exercises as the receptionist inputed all my information into the computer.  The contractions were tolerable but the pressure I was feeling was becoming unbearable.

10:00 am: Good Lord about half an hour later we finally got a room in the triage.  We waited for a few minutes before a nurse walked, asked us some questions, and went on her way. We heard some commotion outside as the Hubby continued to tell me lame jokes.  (Honey, next time I’m in labor lay off the jokes!) A few minutes later the Hubby went outside to try to get me a doctor.

10:30 am: We realized that the commotion we heard earlier had to do with a lady that went into labor by herself.  Apparently this lady drove her son to school and then drove herself to the hospital while in active labor.  This was her fourth pregnancy so maybe she thought she was a professional.  When the nurse went in to ask her some questions she was already crowning.

10:45 am: Yay! A doctor finally went in to check up on me and told us I was dilated 3 centimeters.  The nurses all kept insisting that I should probably go on pain medication but I refused it all.

11:15 am: A few minutes after finally seeing a doctor I was moved into a birthing room and this time I took the wheelchair. We were told that in that room we could use our birthing ball, our meditation Cd’s, and the countless other things we could think of to relax and prepare for labor. A nurse walked in the room only to tell me that she would be back in an hour to check me.  Before she left the room I insisted she needed to check me because I felt I was ready to have my little Buttercup.  Since she couldn’t get an accurate blood pressure reading she finally agreed to check me and when she did she discovered that I was dilated 9 centimeters. Yes, folks you read that right within half an hour I had gone from 3 to 9 centimeters.

Holly smokes Batman this baby is coming.  Believe it or not they still didn’t believe me when I kept telling them this baby is coming now.  I began to feel so much pressure that I was encouraged to push when they were all setting up for my little Buttercup’s arrival.  The nurses were washing their hands, the Hubby ran to get my mom, and I lay there pushing without having anyone below to catch her if she came.  The doctor got there right before I gave my last push.  She came so fast and yet time slowed down completely for me. I remember so vividly the wonderful words of encouragement that the Hubby yelled in the air.  I remember looking up and seeing the cheesy smile the Hubby had on his face as he cut the umbilical cord. I remember seeing my mom praying in corner as I gave my last push and my little Buttercup cried out.  I remember seeing this little being come out of me and realizing that things would never be the same again.  I always thought I would be yelling or cursing like in the movies but none of that happened.  Everything was perfect! I pushed, she came like a bullet, she cried out, and we were instantly in love with her.  Sometimes I catch myself staring at her and can’t fantom how this little being was once inside me.

Without further ado I present to you my little Buttercup! (Unless you follow me on Instagram and have already seen her.)

Life: My little Buttercup’s birth story (Part 1)

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Now that I think about it I can’t wrap my brain around the idea that I had a baby.  I look at how fast she’s growing and yet I still can’t believe it. The things that she does nowadays amaze me but before I get too sentimental let me tell you about her birth story.

The Saturday before my little Buttercup was born the Hubby and I decided to go pick up my mom from the San Joaquin Valley.  My relative thought that I was a tad silly going to pick up my mom a couple of weeks before I was actually do but nonetheless I wanted her nearby.

The Monday before my little Buttercup was born I had a scheduled appointment with my OBGYN.  My mom went to the appointment with me and we were both able to hear my little Buttercup’s heart beat. I was so excited to hear the little washing machine noise coming from inside me one last time before her actual birth.  At that appointment the doctor informed me that I was dilated one centimeter and that the baby might come sooner than we anticipated.  That day the Hubby came home early from work because he had a cold and was going to be telecommuting the rest of the day.  When the Hubby finally took a break from working I told him that the doctor said my little Buttercup could be born at any minute.  The three of us were excited about the possibility of having the baby that night.

The Tuesday before my little Buttercup was born I began to get mild contractions. (I actually thought they were Braxton  Hicks contractions.) I didn’t think they were that bad and I continued going through my normal daily routine.  The Hubby was still under the weather so he continued telecommuting and after he was finished working we decided that it would be a good idea to have our car seat looked at by a professional.  We took our car seat to the local police department and we were impressed with the knowledge they equipped us with.  Not only did they tell us all about the safety requirements of our specific model but they showed us different methods of installing it in both of our cars.  When the Hubby was practicing installing the car seat I kept getting contractions and I thought to myself what a better place to go into labor, police escort anyone?  The officer joked and asked me politely not to go into labor.

…to be continued…
{read part 2 here}